1. Two (2) duly accomplished and notarized Copyright Application form.
2. If the work applied for registration is published work, two (2) printed copies of the work, with copyright notice printed in front or at the back of the title page if it is a book and on any clear space thereof if non-book material. The copyright notice should be in the following format: Philippine Copyright [Year] by [Author].
3. If the work applied for the registration is unpublished work, two (2) manuscript and/or photocopies of the work without the copyright notice. “Unpublished work” for purposes of registration means that the work has not been dissseminated to the public at the time of the registration.
4. If the work applied for registration is an original ornamental design, a technical description of the design.
5. If a third party is claiming copyright ownership of the work, a duly notarized waiver of copyright ownership executed by the author in favor of third party making the claim.
6. If the applicant is a proprietorship or a corporation, a photocopy of the registration with the Department of Trade and Industry (“DTI”) or the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”), as applicable.
7. Power of Attorney is executed by the applicant appointing Attorney Emma Carino Francisco or any of her authorized representatives as its duly authorized attorney and agent in the Philippines.

Goverment Fees


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