To obtain a FILING DATE:

1. Request for the Grant of a Philippine Patent.
2. Description/Specification of the invention.
3. One or more claims.
4. Drawings necessary for the understanding of the invention.
5. Name, address & signature of the applicant/s.
6. Power of Attorney executed by the applicant appointing Attorney Emma CariƱo Francisco or any of her authorized representatives as its duly authorized attorney and agent in the Philippines.

The following may be submitted later but it is best to submit on the date of filing:

1. Filing Fee within 30 days from the filing date. The application shall be deemed automatically cancelled/withdrawn in case of non-payment of such fees.
2. Abstract: a concise summary of the disclosure of the invention, as contained in the description, claims and drawings in preferably not more than one hundred fifty (150) words.
3. If the priority of an earlier filed application is being claimed, the details fo the claim. i.e. filing date file number and country of origin.


Goverment Fees


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